Admission & Withdrawal

Admission to the school is open to all irrespective of caste, creed, religion or class. Students are admitted from Pre-nursery to IX std. In XI and XII std, it has been decided to admit our own students only but girl students from outside may be considered on merit. Admission in class XI will be on the basis of marks obtained in SA1 (Pen & Paper Test) in class X. Students seeking admission to various classes are required to get their names registered in the months of January and February preceding the session commencing in April. Registration fee is Rs. 200/- only. The admission will be on merit and will depend upon the seats available. Students from other schools will be admitted only if they come from institutions affiliated to recognised Boards. It is binding for such students to take tests given by the school to qualify for admission. Ordinarily, no fresh students are admitted to IX and X standard. Only brilliant students from schools affiliated to C.B.S.E. are considered for such admissions depending on the seats available. For admission, the students are required to produce a genuine date of birth certificate and a school leaving certificate from the previous school. Applications for fresh admission are entertained mainly at the primary level. The registration for admission to various standards is entertained as per the following age groups.

Admission Criteria
Pre Nursery 3 Years Plus
Nursery 4 Years Plus
K.G 5 Years Plus
I Standard 6 Years Plus
II Standard 7 Years Plus
III Standard 8 to 9 Years
IV Standard 9 to 10 Years
V Standard 10 to 11 Years
VI Standard 11 to 12 Years
VII Standard 12 to 13 Years
VIII Standard 13 to 14
IX Standard 14 to 15
X Standard 15 to 16
XII Standard 16 to 17

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